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CRUD, REST, DDD, Rails – these are a few of my favorite things

Some time back, I watched a video David Heinemeier Hansson give a talk on ActiveResource on RailsConf. The thing that struck me is how much Rails’ ideas are connected to those of Domain-Driven Design. Watching DHH is like seeing a version of Eric Evans on speed.


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DHH: Secrets behind Rails

David Heinemeier Hansen’┬Ęs talk at OSCon is available at IT Conversations. For those who don’t know, DHH is the man behind the big rising star of 2005: Ruby on Rails.

Favorite quote: “Too many technologies are chasing flexibility as thus it was free. It is not. Your exchanging flexibility for velocity in development, for a delay in changing you mind, and it is really a bad notion! … In other terms, constaints are liberating”

In my own words: Oh yes, and I think there is a special place in hell for those who insist om having their own special organization of source code. ;-) There is a standard (maven 2), stick to it!

No. You are not special.

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