DualMock – an EasyMock extension

When I have been using easyMock Mock Objects for testing I often find it
helpful to intersperse expectations and test code, for example:

Doing this with easyMock requires me to validate and reset the object
frequently. I was thinking: What is stopping me from just calling
doing this:

Of course, the problem is that the object-under-test (in this case,
the server) and the test-code uses the same mock object instance. This
lead me to the following solution: Make two mock objects – one for the
expectiations and one for the actual code. Thus the name DualMock.
Here is a snippet of test code:

The code is not completely developed yet, as I have only used it marginally myself. Let me know through email or a comment if you’d like the code.

Dual Mock Test

Dual Mock Control

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