I am back!

I have been real bad about writing in my blog lately, but I am finally back. It’s been a crazy few months, including a new job, which of course takes up some time. I have now officially stopped working as a consultant, but I still take some projects on the side when time permits. My next interesting event will be Software 2004, where I am both a speaker at the .NET track (adoption of Java versus .NET from JavaZone), and for the eXtremeProgramming.no track (practical demonstration of pair programming and test-driven development). If you are in Oslo next week, I strongly urge you to join the eXtremeProgramming track. I am pretty sure it will be the first of its kind in Norway.

About Johannes Brodwall

Johannes is Principal Software Engineer in SopraSteria. In his spare time he likes to coach teams and developers on better coding, collaboration, planning and product understanding.
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