The fog-of-media-war

What does it really mean when they say stuff like “the fighting in order to capture Umm Qasr is heavier than expected”. What does it mean when the fighting is heavier? Do more people die on either side? Do any people die on either side? After almost three days of war, I have still to hear of any casualties in the fighting. Are we supposed to believe there are none?

The hawks in Washinton, and Blair, claim this is a “just war”. How is the public supposed to believe that claim when we don’t know

  • how many people are being killed now

  • how many people they expect will be killed (UN estimates 100,000 civilians killed in the war, and 400,000 from the humanitarian effects afterwards, Pentagon estimated 10,000 civilians killed – I have not found good confirmation of these figures)

  • how long they expect the war to last

  • how long they expect the aftermath to last until Iraq gets a lawful interim government.

  • how many civilians must be killed for the agressors to declare their “just war” as unsuccessful?

The press also seem to have avoided these questions. Or maybe it is just the fog-of-war.

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